Why the NSW Govt chose Metronode for its GovDC program

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Metronode was the first company in Australia to achieve Uptime Institute Constructed Facility in Australia and, currently, is the only Uptime Institute Operational Sustainability provider in Australia. It is also the only data centre company to have achieved a NABERS 4.5 data centre rating for three of its facilities. So why does this matter to our customers?

In a recent interview with the Uptime Institute, the Director of the GovDC & Marketplace Services at the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) said Metronode won the contract because it “was best equipped to support agency needs of meeting energy-efficiency targets and providing highly secure physical environments”. Below is an extract from the interview, with comments from Metronode Managing Director, Josh Griggs.

Josh Griggs: At Metronode, we design, build and operate the most secure and energy-efficient, low PUE facilities in the country, providing our customers with high-density data centres to meet their needs, both now and in the future.
The Tier III Gold Certification and NABERS rating are important because there are some outlandish claims about PUE and Uptime Institute Certification—people who claim to have Tier III facilities without going through the process of having that actually verified. Similarly, we believe the NABERS rating is becoming more important because of people making claims that they cannot achieve in terms of PUE.

Because we are able to go from 1 kW/rack up to 30 kW, our customers are able to grow within their current footprint. Metronode has engineered Australia’s most adaptive data centre designs, with an enviable speed to build in terms of construction. That ability to grow out in a rapid manner means that we are able to meet the growing requirements and often unforeseen customer demand.

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