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Imagine a data partner who can improve business efficiency whilst reducing costs. Imagine being able to easily grow your data centre to match business needs. Imagine a secure, reliable data centre using cutting edge innovation. And imagine telling your customers that you’re helping to save the planet by consuming less energy. It can be reality with Metronode.

Technology has changed the world.

Technological innovation has disrupted the world. The results are bigger, better and faster innovations than ever before that are adopted ever more quickly by digital savvy consumers and businesses seeking an edge on competitors.

Metronode is a leading data centre specialist with operational facilities throughout Australia. Our experience in helping financial institutions to harness this growth in technology to develop state of the art data centres can help your business become more flexible, cost effective and secure – vital in today’s digital age.

The financial landscape has radically altered.

Face to face banking is disappearing fast. Digital interaction now dominates and responding to today’s consumers means providing instant service backed up with robust data, all delivered to customer’s fingertips, via their platform of choice, within seconds.

Responding to those demands requires a robust data housing strategy that guarantees reliability and security. Creating engaging relationships via digital channels is completely reliant on great data. Choosing where and how to house it has become one of the most important infrastructure decisions a business can make. Metronode’s specialist data experts can ensure that your financial organisation is helped, not hindered, by technology.

Success requires agility, technological innovation and a focus on costs.

We may never see a return to the heady days, which preceded the 2008 economic crisis. Years of margin erosion, increased product transparency and the growth in self-service channels means that successful financial organisations will be those using technology to create lean and efficient business models. With product profitability depleted, infrastructure decisions will have a growing influence on the bottom line. Metronode’s Bladeroom™ technology, delivering modular data centre facilities, is 40% cheaper to operate and 50% faster to deploy. What’s more, our investment in state of the art systems means that we can offer real advantages when it comes to power usage effectiveness (PUE). Our new facilities across Australia can deliver a PUE of less than 1.2, delivering cost savings of up to $9 million over 10 years.

Speed matters.

In finance, delays of minutes can cost millions. When the Australian Stock Exchange experienced service interruptions earlier this year it made headline news. Delays and systems down time can destroy reputations and irreparably damage business, so finding the right data partner is crucial. Since 2002, Metronode’s data centres have delivered 100% uptime, establishing a reputation you can depend on.

Security is paramount.

A recent survey found that consumers are more worried about online security and data privacy than they are about terrorist attacks, losing the job or even going bankrupt. Knowing that your data is 100% secure is paramount to reassuring customers.

The right partners are crucial.

Technology grows in complexity day by day. Continual development of in-house expertise can be prohibitively expensive as well as increasing the time taken to respond to changing business needs. Metronode are committed to working with businesses to find the right solution, whether that’s leasing space in a managed data centre or building a brand new client hosted data centre from scratch. Our detailed analysis will help you compare the total cost of ownership based on these two different approaches, helping you cut through the data and make sound business decisions.

And everything needs to be flexible.

The world changes fast. Today’s priority becomes tomorrow’s history and all the time businesses struggle to change and adapt. Metronode can meet your growing data centre needs, allowing you to quickly respond to changes in your business without significant new investment and infrastructure requirements.


Metronode facilities house the mission critical ICT infrastructure of Australia’s largest corporations and governments, IT and telecommunications providers.

In 2012 we announced two significant Government Data Centre projects:
NSW Data Centre Reform Project
Metronode signed a contract with the New South Wales Government under the Data Centre Reform Project (DCRP) for the provision of capacity in two state-of the-art managed data centres in NSW. This significant contract has seen Metronode construct two new large-scale energy efficient data centres in NSW – one located in Sydney’s inner west and the other in the Illawarra region south west of Wollongong. Read about our NSW Government solutions here.

Commonwealth Government Panel
The addition of our Melbourne 2, (VIC) and Canberra, (ACT) data centres to the Australian Government’s whole of government panel. Read about our Federal Government solutions here.

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