When you are up, you’re up; when you are down, you’re down…

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While it was the case for just about every home, business, traffic light and shop in South Australia yesterday, for those businesses fortunate enough to have their data located at Metronode’s Adelaide data centre there was no interruption to their service.

Years of planning by Metronode using the best engineers in the business meant that the chaos in South Australia did not affect any of our valued customers.

And we operate 10 data centres across the country with the same technologies to keep our customers up and running, safe and secure, even in a major crisis.

Metronode has more than 12 years with 100% uptime and we have more facilities that are Uptime Institute certified than any other provider. We were the first data centre company to achieve a 4.5 NABERS rating at our Silverwater facility and we have more on the way.

So what does this mean to you? In Adelaide yesterday, it meant you could continue to do business, uninterrupted.

Engineered predictability – that is what sets us apart.

Like to know how we’ve done it? Contact us for a data centre tour and see our high reliability infrastructure and sustainable operations in action.

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