Value of highly experienced people across all facets of the process

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Why is having skilled service delivery expertise vital to stress free, on time, on budget DC projects? Metronode’s Jonathan Buchanan talks us through the value of highly experienced people across all facets of the process.

A data centre migration is very costly, very resource-intensive and very high risk.

Metronode makes sure we engage the right resources at the right point in the project to make sure that we get the best outcome for our customer.

Service delivery, when it’s done properly, lets customers know that they’re in safe hands.

Our customers may not know the number of racks that they require, the amount of capacity they require, what space and density they need, and we bring in the right resources at the right time to take our customers through that journey and make sure that they end up with the best outcome for them.

As the customers’ requirements change through this process, we aim to be as flexible as possible so that we can tailor the solution to those requirements.

It helps that we have a very flexible facility which enables us to adapt very quickly. We have equipment on hand which we can source at very short notice. We also have a team of highly experienced cooling and electrical engineers that can work to design whole environments around our customer requirements.

Our solution and our service delivery teams listen to our customers needs and we remain highly flexible in terms of our approach. To achieve the best outcome for our customers, we engage with experience and qualified resources, all the way from the sales engagement process through the solutioning, the service delivery and through ongoing operations.

We have the advantage of having standardised facilities across Australia, which means that we can apply learnings from one facility to all of our other facilities.

We’re also able to leverage the expertise and innovation of our technology partner, Blade Room, who have facilities all across the globe.

Our in-house service delivery team has over a 150 years’ data centre experience. This ensures an on time, on budget and risk free migration.

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