Every single minute, 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. In 60 days, more content is generated than the three major TV networks created between them in 60 years

Online content is exploding to new, dizzying heights. From rich-media ads to user-generated video, the opportunities are endless, but exploiting this potential requires a radically new approach to data management.


Will your business disappear under the burden of fluctuating capacity and spiralling costs or will you choose Metronode’s uniquely scalable solutions to help you enhance performance at a market leading cost of ownership?
More people are connected than ever before, and their demands are growing.
By 2015 there will be twice as many internet connected devices as people and global internet traffic will have quadrupled to 966 exabytes a year. Users will access a new wave of content via an ever growing array of devices. People will embrace video as the channel of choice, accessing it via mobile smart phones, tablets and even televisions. Metronode’s word class technology has been designed to ensure this growth in content does not have to mean a growth in costs.

Whilst larger audiences have lucrative potential, increased site traffic brings its own set of challenges. Knowing how and when to scale your business, how to cope with a growing number of web servers or how to ensure your business model isn’t overwhelmed by energy and infrastructure costs will be key to succeeding in this new environment. Metronode has invested in developing state of the art data modular storage solutions that are flexible and scalable so that you can adapt to fluctuating demands without being distracted from running your business.

You can choose to build and manage your own data centre with the support of our specialist implementation teams or lease space in one of Metronode’s world class data centres to ensure that you don’t suffer from poor utilisation. We’ll help you choose which solution is right for you, employing our proven modelling techniques to get straight to the heart of the matter.
Increased expectations can mean increased responsibility and costs.
Today’s consumers expect the best. They expect innovative content from the brands seeking to engage them and, increasingly, that means video. Users want and demand a multi-sensory experience that plays to their quest for information and they want it now. Even a three second wait for a page to load can see shoppers desert an online retailer.

Increased expectations can easily translate into increased responsibility, headaches over performance issues and costs that threaten the business. Metronode can bring you closer to your customers and improve performance cost effectively.

We have strategically positioned our state of the art data centres close to key hubs and international arterials. Choosing to lease space on one of our world class managed data centres, close to important backbone networks can substantially reduce latency and significantly enhance your site’s performance. It can also stop your content taking two trips across the Pacific just to reach Singapore from Sydney.

Whilst latency can reduce sales, downtime and service interruptions can bring them grinding to a halt. Availability has the ability to make or break your business and it’s entirely dependent on your data centre choices. Since 2002, Metronode has delivered 100% uptime to its clients, providing peace of mind that directly influences the bottom line.

Metronode can revolutionise the economics of content delivery.
Online media companies, content providers and distributors all need to urgently re-visit their approach to the delivery of rich-media content. To genuinely transform the economics of content delivery requires a solution that’s purpose built for today’s challenges of scale, performance and experience.

Metronode can help reduce your IT expenditure whilst simultaneously improving agility to help you respond to changing capacity needs. Our BladeRoom modular data centre facilities are 50% quicker to deploy and more cost effective than traditional facilities, achieving a total cost of ownership that is 40% cheaper than traditional methods.

Our ability to harness free cooling and combine it with state of the art technology can significantly reduce your energy consumption, allowing you to boast about your green credentials and enjoy cost savings of up to $9 million over 10 years delivered by our low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) score.
Let Metronode overhaul your data storage strategy and deliver fast, reliable content via a scalable solution that’s delivered at a market leading cost.