NSW GovDC and Metronode: A successful partnership achieving excellence

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Managing Director Josh Griggs recounts the journey Metronode has taken with NSW Gov DC since 2012


The launch of the NSW Government’s GovDC Marketplace was an exciting landmark for all of us at Metronode.

Since winning the tender to deliver data centre capacity in May 2012, we’ve worked closely with the Department of Finance Services and Innovation (DFSI) to achieve many firsts along the way.

The standards set by DFSI were challenging – in fact, ground-breaking in terms of the Australian data centre industry. We’ve been proud to have come up to (and even exceed) this high benchmark over the past four years.

The NSW Government was the first in Australia to specify a Tier III certification, first to specify a NABERS energy rating and first to attain a NABERS 4.5-star data centre rating (which Metronode has now achieved across three of its facilities around the country).

“In NSW, we are definitely moving to a new era of citizen digital interactions. But there is more, more, more to do… The question needs to move from why are we going digital, to why not. In DFSI, we will continue to lead the way… DFSI will be digital by default and data driven by design. Minister Perrottet and I are at one on this issue and we have an ambitious target of transforming the cluster over the next 12 months with quarterly plans.”

The Hon. Victor Dominello, NSW Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, June 2016

Metronode’s Silverwater Data Centre was delivered on time and on budget in July 2013. Boasting the prestigious Tier III Accreditation from the Uptime Institute, it began to deliver with world-best practice and rigorous global standards for data centres to NSW GovDC customers. A second data hall at Silverwater was opened a year later.

In 2014, GovDC achieved international recognition when the Uptime Institute – the world’s leading organisation for assessing the reliability of data centre facilities – announced NSW DFSI had won its Brill Award for Efficient IT. Metronode’s use of BladeRoom technology had proven it could deliver significant benefits in design, construction flexibility and energy efficiency.

Also in 2014, standards body BSI awarded the ISO 27001:2013 certification to NSW GovDC’s Silverwater and Unanderra data centres, an updated and more rigorous accreditation than the superseded ISO 27001:2005. This helps ensure that security risks are effectively managed – a valuable assurance to agencies and service providers in the NSW GovDC Marketplace.

The second NSW Gov DC facility at Unanderra, south west of Wollongong in the Illawarra, was also delivered on schedule and on budget in August 2013 – with a second data hall opened in October 2015.

At that time, both facilities at Silverwater and Unanderra achieved a Tier III Certification of Operational Sustainability– Gold, the highest level of operational sustainability for a data centre. We were the first to achieve this certification in Asia Pacific.

In February 2016, the Silverwater data centre was officially recognised with a 4.5-star NABERS rating, for its first-stage data hall – an energy efficiency target set by the NSW Government Resource Efficiency Policy. To be rated at 4.5 stars was a major achievement; Metronode’s Silverwater facility was the first data centre in Australia to be rated above 4 stars. Importantly, its energy-efficient design has also seen other Metronode facilities achieve the same 4.5 star data centre rating.

“To improve service quality, all government agencies are required to migrate to GovDC by August 2017. This consolidation will mean a significant reduction in ICT service costs, and the GovDC Marketplace will connect agencies and suppliers in a way never before possible.”

Pedro Harris, Executive Director of Government Technology Platforms, DFSI, August 2016

We know there is absolutely one thing that customers want in a data centre provider and that is predictability. We have carefully engineered predictability into everything we do, so it’s no surprise we have the inevitable 100% uptime record across our 10 Australian data centres.

Looking back, we’ve been privileged to partner on this momentous undertaking with the NSW Government – working at the ‘pointy end’ of our industry to deliver the innovation, reliability and energy efficiency that the State’s agencies need to embark on their digital future.

We look forward to continuing to work with the NSW Government in the months and years to come.

If you’d like to know how we can help your agency achieve its digital objectives, please contact Jonathan Buchanan on 0407 642 182 or email enquiries@metronode.com.au.

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