Metronode Leads the Way with Certification of Australian Data Centres

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Australia’s number one Data Centre company, Metronode, is leading the industry with a number of certifications for its high-density, low PUE data compute and storage facilities.

Metronode, a carrier neutral data centre provider with nine facilities in six cities, has applied for and received a number of globally-recognised certifications.

CEO David Yuile believes customers are now demanding the highest quality facilities for their off-site data storage and certifications provide that certainty.

“High quality, off-site, Australian-based, compute and data storage is essential for Enterprise and Government customers across all industry sectors and the demand for facilities is rapidly increasing.

“In the past, customers have been focused on data centre design and infrastructure reliability. Now clients are becoming increasingly focused on data centre operations.

“The vast majority of power and cooling outages are caused by human error, exacerbated by weak operational practices,” Yuile says.

Metronode has been awarded a number of certifications from the Uptime Institute, an international organisation that creates and administers tier standards and certifications for data centre design, construction and operations.

In 2012, Metronode was the first data centre company to achieve Uptime Institute Tier III certification for a Constructed Facility and expects to be the first in Australia to be certified for Uptime Institute Tier III Operational Sustainability in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Earlier this year, Metronode achieved ISO 27001 information security management certification covering the facility management and operations for of all nine operational data centres. Metronode has also received ISO 14001 environmental management certification.

“We are proud to say we have had 100% uptime for the past 12 years and our facilities have market-leading energy efficiency.

“Certification is imperative to provide customers with certainty and peace of mind and Metronode is raising the bar for other providers to follow,” David Yuile says.

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