Metronode InfiniPort, powered by Intellipath

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If you’re looking for a data centre neutral connectivity option, Metronode InfiniPort, powered by Intellipath, could be what you need. Lucas Lambous, Metronode’s Technical Sales Executive, explains the benefits to having such a portal in your armoury.

InfiniPort, powered by Intellipath, is a flexible connectivity option.

Like Cloud, InfiniPort offers customers the flexibility to dial up capacity if, and when, required.

From our Sales Service Portal, you can create multiple paths on the one port. The network is designed with quality and resilience in mind.

InfiniPort is a data centre neutral connectivity option. It gives customers greater reach to over 100 data centres around the globe, enabling them to connect to 16,000 buildings that are on the net.

These data centres could house any cloud provider, giving customers the choice between different platforms. This gives them greater connectivity options, whether it be within the data centre, outside the data centre to another data centre, or into cloud service providers. So cloud providers can reside in any data centre throughout Asia-Pacific, including Australia.

InfiniPort, unlike legacy connectivity options, allows customers to identify cost associated with specific projects. So, not only does InfiniPort enable you to identify those costs associated with projects, but it allows you to scale up on demand to suit a specific requirement.

InfiniPort resides in a fully-meshed carrier-grade, uncontended network. All you need to do to get started, is to head to the Metronode webpage at and follow the links to InfiniPort.

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