The next-generation Metronode data centres achieve unprecedented levels of energy efficiency through both their power and cooling strategies. Designed to use free cooling for more than 85% of the year and with proven PUE as low as 1.14 in temperate climates across a large load range from 40% to 100% capacity, the Metronode BladeRoom has been developed to be without parallel.


Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is the most widely-accepted benchmark for determining the energy efficiency of a data centre. The BladeRoom has been developed with rigorous testing and re-engineering around the PUE measure and the results are groundbreaking. A BladeRoom data centre with 1MW of IT load will only require 140kW of additional power for all other facility requirements. This PUE delivers the lowest operating costs and carbon emissions available.

With such a small amount of power required for support systems Metronode data centres can allow a far greater proportion of site power to be dedicated to servers by running back-up cooling on generator power – maximising available power and increasing overall IT capacity on a power-constrained site. This also translates to dramatic savings.

Simplified Power means Simplified Growth

With the BladeRoom system, up to 80% of available site power can be dedicated to IT capacity, allowing clients to increase the potential IT capacity of the site without the need to acquire additional power from the grid. This provides the best possible return on investment for the site and enables the growth of existing sites without the time and expense of upgrading site power.

Market-Leading Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is a large and growing focus for every business. Metronode has built and operates an efficient data centre that supports sustainable energy efficiency. Our facilities have market leading Power Utilisation Effectiveness (PUE) rating, a metric used by data centre operators that assists you to determine how energy efficient they are and ultimately helps you to save on costs whilst reducing the impact on the environment.
Through efficient design, Metronode utilises free air cooling that includes evaporative technology. The air circulates throughout and around each of our data centres, with mechanical backup cooling. This design innovation also makes for a significantly quieter data centre environment.

Certified Environmental Performance

In our drive to provide the world’s best data centres, we want to ensure we offer the best environmental performance for our customers and are proud to have achieved NABERS 4.5 star certification.