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In 2012, the New South Wales Government adopted a fundamentally new approach to ICT that focused on making it readily available “on tap”, or “as-a-service”, rather than the traditional approach of buying hardware and software.

To make this new approach possible, the NSW Government had to rethink all of its ageing data centres which numbered over 100.

Metronode has been the trusted partner for the implementation of the Government Data Centres (GovDC) programme since 2012, purpose-building and operating data centres at Silverwater in Sydney and Unanderra in Wollongong, resulting in the consolidation of 130 NSW Government data centres into just two.

The Metronode Data Centres allow large and small agencies to access additional data centre resources without major capital expenditure. They also offer co-location for enterprise customers.

The data centres are technologically-advanced, reliable, energy efficient and highly secure, with many connectivity options. They operate 24/7 and have the flexibility to grow at scale to offer additional capacity faster than most other providers – perfect for the fast-moving digital world.

The key benefits of GovDC include:

  • known and transparent costs into the future
  • improved security, access and physical controls
  • improved technical and operational standards
  • modern, certified facilities, improving ICT reliability
  • reduced data centre electricity usage, reducing environmental impact and costs.

The NSW GovDC digital transformation program is the poster-child for ICT adoption across the country, with other States looking on in envy as more and more public services keep rolling out online, providing easy access to various agencies with speed and efficiency. In WA, the programme was referred to as a blueprint by the Australian Information Industry Association to enable Digital Transformation.

In 2017, Metronode announced it was constructing further facilities in both Silverwater and Unanderra. This will accommodate additional GovDC expansion, with a focus on supporting cloud to facilitate digitisation and enable the delivery of citizen-focused services across many platforms.

The NSW Government’s demand for Metronode to deliver the highest standards in security, availability, uptime and energy-efficiency has put Australia’s Best Data Centre Operator* at the forefront of its competitors, with its world-class facilities also available to retail customers.

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Metronode Data Centres for Enterprises

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* Metronode was named as Australia’s Best Data Centre Operator at the 2017 CommsDay Edison Awards and also recognised as the Data Centre Service Provider of the Year at the Frost & Sullivan Awards. Click here for more information.

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