Is your data centre caging your growth?

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Whoever first thought of data centres was really onto something. They can reduce energy costs, solve a myriad of availability issues, increase the security of data and make storage changes much more flexible.

What’s not to like about all that?

In one sense, nothing. But in another, everything.

While that view of data centres is accurate, and the benefits are surely desirable, imagine for a moment that you own a Ferrari and the only thing you ever use it for is grocery shopping.

Nice car, but what a missed opportunity!

A well-designed data centre offers something beyond a place to store and secure infrastructure. It also helps clients scale up quickly, which in turn uncages their ability to grow.

Typical data centre design makes scaling up awkward, if not downright difficult. Either that, or clients are locked into contracts that limit their access to everything the technology can offer.

We’ve taken a different approach. Rather than see ourselves as providers of an available, secure and efficient environment, we see ourselves as business enablers.

How do we do that? To continue the Ferrari analogy, we take you off the suburban streets and put you on the racetrack. How fast you go is now entirely up to you.

For example, typical data centres offer limited flexibility to adapt and deploy more powerful compute. We offer the ability to burst up to 30kW, five times the typical capacity (most clients will never use it all, but it’s there, and available with a plug and play approach).

Likewise with upgrading to new software or hardware, and increasing bandwidth. You might think that every data centre makes those things quick and easy. But not all data centres are equal. They assume that what you needed at the start of your contract is similar to what you’ll need over time.

Where other data centres use mechanical cooling, we use direct free-air cooling, which significantly reduces energy costs. As a result, clients can scale up without worrying about the impact on their energy bills and the environment.

It’s not about using the latest technology (which we do), but about enabling fast growth, so there are constraints caused by short-sighted data centre design.

Fast growing clients can find that the data centre they’re currently using is no longer fit for purpose. Typically, moving to a new centre is expensive and fraught with risk. We’ve developed a Designed Adaptability methodology for just these situations, which streamlines relocation with the utmost care for your business critical infrastructure. Result: never finding your organisation in an outdated data centre.

In our experience, what it makes possible is not so much the ability to quickly adapt as circumstances change but to actually plan confidently for growth.

What our approach allows is predictability. Rather than knowing what your technology will look like over the term of your contract, we make it possible to better manage and deliver for unexpected demand. Knowing that the technology is available to support your plans gives greater peace of mind.

Given the critical role that ICT plays in all business processes and operations, anything that constrains you in ICT constrains the entire organisation. We’ve made it our business to do something about that.

We want to help you uncage your organisation. Find out how here



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