A Sustainable Data Centre Strategy: Unlocking Limitless Opportunities for Your Business

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The environment in which enterprises operate has undergone stark transformation in recent years and that’s forcing a change of strategy, especially for those organisations that want to remain at the forefront of their industries.

A report by Cisco and DHL predicts that by 2020 50 billion “things” will be connected to the Internet – that’s people, devices and businesses. [i]

The result of this shift to mass connection will be a significant increase in the speed and volume of data that needs to be handled by data centres.

As Gartner points out, data centres will have to act like both a factory and a laboratory for companies by ensuring operations can keep ticking along while also also enabling businesses to innovate and pivot rapidly with the ever-changing corporate landscape.

With spending on IT infrastructure expected to remain stagnant until 2019, having a sustainable, scalable and flexible data centre solution is important. One that is predictably engineered with the agility to support your enterprise today and tomorrow will unlock limitless opportunities for you to grow. That’s where data centre colocation – housing your servers and devices in a professional data centre – comes into play.

In North America, almost 25% of the data centre footprint is currently outsourced – and that rate will grow at 15% annually. [ii]

The data centre colocation market is expected to grow from its current $22.8 billion in spending to a $36 billion business worldwide by the end of 2017. [iii]

Colocation services account for approximately 69% of the total data centre services market. [iv]

While many industry pundits heralded the end of the data centre with the advent of cloud computing, the figures above say otherwise and the major reason for that is the reliability and predictability on offer using a flexible, colocation data centre solution, especially when business-critical data is involved.

The rise of cloud has also aided colocation by making organisations more open to outsourcing. A realisation now exists where companies understand that outsourcing is critical to fuelling business innovation, supporting strategic initiatives and optimising infrastructure by leveraging cost savings.

Frost & Sullivan’s Australian Data Centre Services Market report reveals that the most significant challenge faced by Australian organisations running their own data centres are the lack of IT manpower or lack of skills or resources internally.

By taking past data centre worries off your IT team’s plate, while also empowering your business to scale operations quickly and efficiently to meet fluctuating market and business conditions, colocation opens up limitless opportunities to deliver better business outcomes.

We’ve put together an infographic showcasing the benefits of implementing a sustainable data centre strategy that Metronode can help you with.

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