5 key trends evident in today’s Data Centre market

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Metronode was awarded the Data Centre Operator of the Year at the inaugural Edison Awards with CommsDay. Josh Griggs, Managing Director, Metronode discusses the 5 key trends evident in today’s data centre market.

As one of the largest and most forward thinking providers in the Australian data centre industry, we are seeing five key trends:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Agility
  3. Outsource
  4. Cloud
  5. Digital

We are seeing energy efficiency as a key requirement within purchasing decisions for a data centre. We recently surveyed 150 of IT decision makers and found that over 80% have got energy efficiency as a key priority in making decisions or, in fact, had projects looking at how they could reduce energy consumption within their data centre.

Our data centres are designed to use direct free air cooling, which means they operate 85% of the time without any air conditioning, hence reducing the consumption of energy across the whole fleet of our data centres.

We average between 1.2 and 1.4 PUE, the best available in the marketplace. This allowed us to achieve 4.5 star NABERS rating across three of our data centres in Australia – the first provider to do so.

Flexibility and adaptability remain a key differentiator for us. Within our facilities, we provide the ability to go from 2KW per rack, some of the old style, up to 30KW per rack allowing for unforecasted demand, unforeseen loads within a data centre.

This flexibility and adaptability also extends to our commercial propositions, the way that we build our data centres and, in fact, we are the fastest to be able to build within the marketplace, allowing us to build out as demand happens; and also as technology changes, build with that new technology.

Metronode has built data centres the fastest in the marketplace. We continue to balance the art of building innovative, cleverly engineered data centres with operating at the highest standards – the gold standards within data centres.

The demand for high density within facilities and energy efficiency means that corporations are moving out of their captive data centres. It takes too much investment and ongoing management to be able to meet the requirements and hence, outsourcing is a key driver within the marketplace.

Cloud is driving the requirements for high density facilities. With the demand often not known, flexibility is critical. This is where Metronode comes into its own, with the ability to flex up to 30KW per rack without requiring to redesign any of the power or any of the cooling within the facility.

The modularity and simplicity of the technology enables Metronode to be fast and efficient in creating greater capacity.

Our digital business is requiring a transformation across the industry, which means there is a growth in social, analytics, mobile and big compute. This is driving a requirement for agility within the data centre and the ability to flex up and down and also the requirement for big IT loads.

We strive for excellence in delivery with design adaptability, with world leading security and unenviable availability.

Metronode will continue to set the agenda in the data centre market, working closely with our customers to ensure we meet their needs today and into the future.

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