2017 – it’s all about flexibility, scalability, security and energy efficiency

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As more and more companies make the shift from costly on-premise data storage to off-site data centres, the demands for flexibility, scalability, security and energy-efficient technologies will drive their decision making.
While in relative terms, only 6-7% of the world’s workloads are in the cloud today, that figure is expected to increase to more than 60% in 2020*.

Flexibility and scalability are key drivers – in today’s world of constant change and rapidly evolving IT environments, customers need a provider who can support new demand easily and cost-effectively.

  • Trend #1 – Choose a provider who will grow with you while you navigate the unforeseen future; one that works with your company’s strategic priorities and understands your IT environment, space and systems.
    It has been predicted that by 2020, US data centres will require six times the electricity to operate than that used to power Manhattan.

Metronode is setting the benchmark in Australia for energy-efficient data centres, using BladeRoom technologies to provide direct free-air cooling.

The only Australian data centre company with three facilities awarded a NABERS 4.5 data centre rating, Metronode has a progressive research and development strategy to continue to develop systems that will further provide customer benefits and environmental benefits.

  • Trend #2 – Know your numbers. New technologies improve energy efficiencies and PUEs, significantly lowering capital and operational costs.

Security concerns of off-site data centres are a major prohibitor for many companies but what constitutes a secure data centre?

There are major differences in the levels of security installed in Australia’s leading data centre companies.

  • Trend #3 – Compare the security being offered by providers including the level of security clearance of data centre staff and the physical environment.

Certification by the global agency, Uptime Institute, is becoming mandatory for data centres in the US. The Uptime Institute is an unbiased and independent, internationally-recognised advisory organisation focused on evaluating, improving and rating the performance, efficiency and reliability of data centres through certifications.
Metronode has the only data centre facilities to achieve Uptime Institute Tier III Gold Operational Sustainability in Australia and Asia Pacific.

– Sydney 2 and Illawarra 1 data centres are Uptime Institute Tier III Gold Operational Sustainability certified
– All five Metronode Gen2 data centres are Uptime Institute Tier III Constructed Facilities, Uptime Institute Tier III Designed and ASAE 3402 certified
– All 10 Metronode data centres are ISO27001 and ISO14001 certified

  • Trend #4Certifications matter. Standards exist to evaluate the quality and reliability of a data centre’s server hosting ability and give peace-of-mind to customers.


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